Summary: This full factor started out out as a joke. Phil hadn’t meant any harm.

He just wanted Dan to know that he could also pull a cheeky prank. Summary: Dan adores pink and is actively playing Satine in the school output of Moulin Rouge. Phil cherishes black and just transpires to be good at doing some bombass makeup.

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Fate brings them alongside one another. Bury Your Flame (ao3) – worriedpeach (skeletonflowers)Summary: Just after getting a dragon egg when his grandfather passed away, Phil is forced to inquire for support from the area dragon tamer. As he quickly finds out, Dan Howell is absolutely nothing he’s been expecting.

How will i make your ignite still living inside the long-term love affair?

Infuriating, ludicrous, and wholly missing regard, Dan is almost everything Phil hates. But Phil will do something to make his grandfather happy, even if that signifies getting help from the community cluck.

The warning signs of someone with unresolved rely upon dilemmas?

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Summary: Dan recognized that breaking up with Phil was a terrible slip-up. Valentines Day was coming up once again and he even now liked his ex. But of course, with Dan’s luck, he was about to open his mouth and tell Phil about his revelation, when Phil blurted out that he had achieved a person else. (Having location suitable following the Pastel Edits IRL vide o. )Summary: He could be drunk, but he realized a undesirable plan when he read it.

He was not heading to allow his greatest good friend go through a smutty fic to him like some bloody bedtime tale.

He remembered the Tumblr tag movie and even that was way too much…Summary: Phil looked at his doorway briefly and then back at the digicam. «Also,» he claimed, pausing for a several seconds and taking a different significant breath. «I’m in love with someone. Though, they don’t know it. » Phil appeared slightly sad in this second, glancing at the floor. «And they’d detest me endlessly if they identified out.

«Summary: Phil leaves Dan for many months to quickly stay in New York Metropolis and function on a motion picture set. The distance among them drove them the two crazy, but neither of them could voice the cause why. When Dan will come to visit Phil in New York his emotions are threatened to spill after an come across with a person of Phil’s new buddies, but he keeps lying- to both of those Phil and himself.

Hopefully he can at some point notify the truth of the matter, mainly because Phil will get yet another lengthy-phrase job opportunity in California and Dan cannot acquire any additional distance. Summary: «So we have a new update on the serial killer working loose close to London-» Dan turns the television off, he didn’t want to listen to any more. He just required Phil again residence, safe and sound and sound. Summary: Just after his coronary heart gets damaged, Dan Howell decides to chase one particular of his goals: he enters a levels of competition to go on a Mediterranean cruise! It arrives true and along the way, a thing even superior comes about. Summary: Phil’s a particular agent. Dan’s a product.

Beneath regular circumanstances, they would by no means collide. But a single working day, Phil gets the product in hassle and has to keep him safe. Summary: Nameless asked : I am sending Real hugs. B geared up.

They are comin g! danisnotonfire answered : th ank u. Dan confessed to his on line good friend that he was really craving a hug but he most certainly did not count on to locate a type and handsome stranger out of the blue standing outdoors of his door. Summary: It was just 1 factor after an additional seriously. Broken down bus with a total course of freshers. Dingy lodge space that was chilly as fuck. No one particular wanting to share a room wit h Dan. But then the TA Phil stepped up to the plate and defended Dan.